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The Low Head Hydro Market Assessment (otherwise known as the Hatch Report) from Natural Resources Canada is a study that assessed emerging hydropower technologies and their expected market penetration, the cost of low head hydropower development, and the potential barriers, impacts and strategies for low head hydropower development in Canada and abroad. The report concluded that there is substantial low head hydropower potential in Canada.

Low Head Hydro Market Assessment Volume 1 - Main Report (the Hatch Report) (PDF)

Low Head Hydro Market Assessment Volume 2 - Appendixes (PDF)

Low Head Hydro Market Assessment Appendix B - Low Head Hydro Database (in MS Excel format).

The Story of Waterpower from the Ontario Waterpower Association

A three part video series from the Ontarion Waterpower Association featuring the primary source of renewable energy, waterpower. These informational and education videos highlight waterpower history, how it works, why it is so important to Ontarios supply mix, and the many benefits of this green, clean and renewable source of energy.

The Story of Waterpower

The Source of Waterpower

The Benefits of Waterpower

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