Frequently Asked Questions

We have had several questions from members of the Burritts Rapids community about BRREA and our small hydro power project. We have posted the questions and answers here so everyone can share the information.

How do you define "members of the community"?

From the BRREA By-Laws: A person who has good standing in the community and lives within a 5 km radius of the Burritts Rapids Community Hall.

This is the same definition used by the Burritts Rapids Community Association.

How do you define "Community Support"?

Currently, we consider Community Support as:

But, more importantly, how does the community want 'community support' defined?

What are your financial projections?

Currently estimated figures are approximately as follows:

When do you expect the community to see income from the project?

We expect the community will see income starting the first year the project is in operation, and that the income will increase significantly after the project implementation costs are paid off (five to ten years).

What are the details of any business arrangements we are making?

Currently BRREA is talking with several different organizations to put together the best arrangement we can for financing, construction and ongoing operation of the Project.

Some of these organizations are in competition with each other and so they expect and require us to keep details of any negotiations confidential.

Will BRREA have employees including consultants?

This will be determined by the form of the partnership(s) and agreements we enter into regarding financing, construction and operation (still to be determined).

BRREA may hire or contract for full-time or part-time help as required, in areas that could include:

Who in the community will be making money directly off of the project?

We don't anticipate any members of the community will be making money directly off of the project, although community members may choose to invest.

If equity investments or shares are required community members will be eligible to participate.

If BRREA does need to hire full-time or part-time employees, consultants or contractors for short or long term positions, members of the community will be eligible.

Have any past or present BRREA board members been paid for their work or expenses on the project?

All of the work done by board members has been on an unpaid volunteer basis.

Board members are reimbursed for Board approved expenditures which they may incur.

How is the income money to be distributed?

We have not started to work out the specifics of how the money will be spent and the mechanisms for distribution until there was a good chance the project would be possible. Now that things are starting to come together, we will start working to establish a process and guidelines supported by the community so that the community decides how the income money is distributed.

What work needs to be done in the next one to two years to make the project a sure thing?

Do you have a list of all of the members of the community and their addresses?

We keep a membership list and a contact list of people who have signed up with us. We post notices in the community and on our website to reach other members of the community.

We do NOT put anyone's name or information on any lists without their permission, and we don't distribute our lists, since this is against government privacy laws such as PIPEDA (Personal Information and Personal Electronic Data Act).

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