Originally settled in 1793, the village of Burritts Rapids was formally established in 1832. It is one of the oldest settlements on the Rideau River and Rideau Canal, and became a vibrant social and economic centre principally due to the fast flowing waters of the Rideau River that powered grist and woollen mills. The community is proud of its historical roots, and thus established a resident's Working Group in 2006. This Working Group was incorporated as a community non-profit association as the Burritts Rapids Renewable Energy Association (BRREA) on February 1, 2010 to investigate water power potential for the village.

How does this project benefit the community?

The intent of our efforts is to direct all of BRREA's income from energy production (after covering costs) toward Burritts Rapids community projects, activities and initiatives. Now that things are starting to come together, we will start working to establish a process and guidelines supported by the community so that the community decides how the income money is distributed.

Who We Are: Bylaws and Objectives

The Burritts Rapids Renewable Energy Association (BRREA) is a community, non-profit Ontario Corporation. The overall objectives are:


The objectives of BRREA are aligned with those of the Ontario and federal governments, such as providing water power that is in the public interest, is sustainable and will reduce greenhouse gases. The production of electricity, including the selling of power to the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator), is for the benefit of the Burritts Rapids community, for the enhancement of the Rideau Canal National Heritage Site, and for residents and businesses in the area.

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