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The Burritts Rapids Renewable Energy Association (BRREA) was incorporated as a community, non-profit organisation in 2010 following a community meeting on January 5, 2010 and with support from the Burritts Rapids Community Association. The Board is made up of volunteers who live in the Burritts Rapids community.

BRREA's focus is on the development of a small hydro project, generating energy from the Rideau River water flow at the dam site upstream from the village, and using all income (after covering costs) to fund community projects and initiatives.

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City of Ottawa Energy Evolution Strategy

The City of Ottawa has established the Energy Evolution renewable energy strategy. This strategy is designed to: manage energy consumption, promote the use of renewable energy and advance local economic development opportunities in Ottawa. The approach is three-pronged:

For more information on this go to their website here or read "Energy Evolution: Ottawa's Community Energy Transition Strategy - Phase 1".

As a result of working with some great people at the City of Ottawa, BRREA's Community Small Hydro Project is project 4 on the City's "Summary of Short-Term Actions, Energy Evolution: Ottawa's Community Energy Transition Strategy, Phase 1" plan. There is a lot of work to do before we see where this is might go, but it gives us an opportunity to possibly move forward with our project instead of just sitting on our hands and waiting to see what the next Ontario government is going to do about renewable energy and any replacement for the FIT program.

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Parks Canada Burritts Rapids Earth Dam Project

Parks Canada is working on a project to rehabilitate the earth dams that make up a good part of the Burritts Rapids Island. While this project isn't part of the BRREA Small Hydro Project, it is happening in the same vicinity and the two projects will likely have some effects on each other. To keep our stakeholders informed on the Earth Dam project we have set up an Earth Dam page on our website.

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We have created a Facebook group at to encourage community discussion around this project.

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Check out our "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" page, where we answer your questions.

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Click HERE or go to our Funding and Support page to see the great video about BRREA made by four engineering and multimedia students from Ottawa's Carleton University. (Note: Videos on this site are hosted on YouTube. If the link pictures do not display or the links do not work you may not have access to YouTube from your location or network.)

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Mechanism on dam, early Winter 2014

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